Always wanted to be a contender.

By Fergus Ogilvy: Matt Weston, a 33-year old Super Street drag racer with more than 30 wins and 5 championships to his credit, has achieved his wish startlingly well. Beginning at 18-years old and racing street cars, Weston gained vital hands-on experience during the subsequent decade and a half,... read more

Understanding hydraulic valve lifters

By: Ray T. Bohacz: The most irritating aspect of valve-lash adjustment is its awkwardness; too many components require removal to perform a ten-minute task. Hydraulic valve lifters, on the other hand, require no adjustment for the most part. When adjustment is necessary, instead of setting lash, as you would... read more

Carbureted Superchargers and Intercoolers

By Chris Beardsley:   Unlike port fuel injection systems, carburetors have a unique advantage while operating on boosted engines without an intercooler. In carbureted applications, the air charge from the supercharger is significantly warmer than ambient air. When warmer air is forced through a carburetor, the *vaporization process is... read more

Goodwood victory: exploiting the potential of a V-12

By Freddie Heaney:   On September 12, on his 67th birthday, race engine builder Bob Bartlett of V&B Engines of Chatham, Virginia, provided sufficient motive power for Joe Colasacco to win the Glover Trophy at the 2018 Goodwood Revival. Driving John Surtees’ 1964 F1 championship-winning Ferrari 1512, Colasacco drove... read more

Kaase launches new SR-71 cylinder heads for big-block Fords

Jon Kaase’s career as an engineer and engine tuner has a depth few contemporaries have achieved. On Monday, October 15, he celebrated his sixty-sixth birthday, and a few days earlier, he won his ninth award at the Engine Masters Challenge in Cleveland, Ohio. He felt privileged to have a... read more

Developing Benetton’s F1 Active suspension system

By Dave Hamer: I joined Benetton in 1988 when they decided to create an R&D department to support their Formula One active suspension ambitions. Both Lotus and Williams had already seized the moment, pushing well ahead with similar programs. Though Benetton was also running an Active test car, they... read more

How Kaase’s 2017 EMC-winning engine proved a point:

This two-paragraph brief from engine builder Jon Kaase was uncovered during our research of the more extensive accompanying article on valve springs, valve clearance, bounce, float and surge.   Excessive valve spring pressure and its effect on lifters  By Alfie Bilk   Excessive valve spring pressure is detrimental to... read more