E-Force Supercharger systems: 2015 Corvette Stingray

By Martha Maglone: Torrance, California: Edelbrock has expanded its E-Force Stage 1 supercharger systems for the Corvette Stingray to include 2015 models. Stage 2 and Stage 3 systems are also offered for enthusiast’s seeking even more performance. E-Force supercharger systems incorporate the Eaton® Gen VI 2300 Twin Vortices Series... read more

AEM releases flex-fuel ethanol content sensor kits

By Martha Maglone: Hawthorne, CA: AEM has released two flex-fuel ethanol-content sensor kits, one with 3/8″ barbed adapter fittings (# 30-2200) the other with -6AN to 3/8″ adapter fittings (#30-2201). Not only do they measure a vehicle’s fuel-ethanol content percentage and fuel temperature but also users with programmable engine-management... read more

Why under-drive a pulley system?

By Martha Maglone: If under-driving a pulley system robs less power from the engine, why doesn’t Concept One do it? “We don’t under drive the pulley system,” says Concept One’s Kevin Redd, “because we are more concerned with driveability than saving a couple horsepower. When you under-drive the pulley system... read more

Obituary: Remembering Michael Giannone

By Victor Moore: Michael Giannone founder and owner of the respected competition connecting rod company MGP, died on March 11 following a short period of illness. He was just 60. Born in Los Angeles, California, Michael, an enlightened and refined man was formerly part of GRP but left to... read more

Dixon survived massive Top Fuel shunt

Larry Dixon’s recent spectacular crash during the NHRA Gator Nationals in Florida last month wasn’t his first encounter with a dragster falling apart. Though alarming he was fortunate his skyward wreck landed inside the track wall where it skidded to a halt and not in the unforgiving earth beyond... read more

Big-Block Chevrolet: World Product’s Merlin III Adds Deck Height

World Products American-made Merlin III cast-iron big block is now available with an extra .050″ of deck height. For the Chevrolet, this new feature allows greater versatility in selecting connecting rods and particularly in selecting pistons with additional compression height to keep the ring grooves and wrist pin bore... read more

Prudomme on the current state of racing

Don Prudomme confounded the drag racing world by establishing the best win record in NHRA history – winning over 250 Top Fuel rounds losing fewer than 30. He went on to conquer four NHRA Funny Car champion-ships and now compares current conditions to those that existed then.

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New head gaskets for racing engines

By Titus Bloom:   Two months ago, in February 2015, JE has announced a new range of multi-layer steel (MLS) cylinder head gaskets for high-performance and racing engines. They are called the JE Pro Series. Originating at the turn of the nineteen-nineties, the unorthodox MLS gasket shook the establishment.... read more

Magnetos: several things you should know

Today the remarkable electric Tesla accelerates from zero to 100mph in 8 seconds and runs 250 miles on a charge, such is the progress from industrialist Elon Musk’s unique car company. A century ago the magneto was the star at the rich core of our motive lives.

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