Big-Block Chevrolet: World Product’s Merlin III Adds Deck Height

World Products American-made Merlin III cast-iron big block is now available with an extra .050″ of deck height. For the Chevrolet, this new feature allows greater versatility in selecting connecting rods and particularly in selecting pistons with additional compression height to keep the ring grooves and wrist pin bore... read more

Prudomme on the current state of racing

Don Prudomme confounded the drag racing world by establishing the best win record in NHRA history – winning over 250 Top Fuel rounds losing fewer than 30. He went on to conquer four NHRA Funny Car champion-ships and now compares current conditions to those that existed then.

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New head gaskets for racing engines

By Titus Bloom:   Two months ago, in February 2015, JE has announced a new range of multi-layer steel (MLS) cylinder head gaskets for high-performance and racing engines. They are called the JE Pro Series. Originating at the turn of the nineteen-nineties, the unorthodox MLS gasket shook the establishment.... read more

Magnetos: several things you should know

Today the remarkable electric Tesla accelerates from zero to 100mph in 8 seconds and runs 250 miles on a charge, such is the progress from industrialist Elon Musk’s unique car company. A century ago the magneto was the star at the rich core of our motive lives.

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Ford of 1910: changes to make you ponder

Data loosely compiled by Martha Maglone, April 6, 2015: For this Ford of 1910 only 144 miles of paved roads existed in this country. In fact, only 8,000 cars existed in the entire nation, the maximum speed limit in most cities was 10mph and fuel was available from drug... read more

Fancy a quick lap of the Silverstone GP circuit?

As Radical’s latest RXC Spyder prototype drew closer to completion, track testing is imminent. Now spring and antiroll bar rates are settled and the damper settings, roll centers and Ackerman angles operating at their optimum, you’ll enjoy sweeping through those ancient curves of Copse, Abbey, Maggott’s and Beckett’s at... read more

Camshaft lobe separation angle: what does it mean?

By Freddie Heaney: The lobe separation angle of a camshaft is typically determined by the engine’s purpose, its displacement and its compression ratio. A 350cu in oval track racing engine, for example, often runs on a narrow lobe separation angle of 106 degrees. In contrast, a smooth-running high-performance street... read more

What can we learn from an intelligent belt-drive assembly?

Salina, Kansas: Innovators West has introduced two new belt-drive systems for Ford Windsor 302 or 351 engines. They serve wet- or dry-sump arrangements. One style is equipped with integral side brackets for serious track use, the other without. The side brackets are regarded as unique. They accommodate the mounting... read more

Garlits to remarry and other anecdotes

By Martha Maglone:  Last month, February 2015, Don Garlits (83) popped the question to photographer Lisa Crigar, whom he met during a magazine interview in 2014. They plan to marry 25 July 2015 at the Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing in Ocala, Florida. Don Glenn Garlits’s mother had... read more