Why Turbocharging? Simple advice for beginners

By Doug Erber: In the United States, OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) are turning to turbocharging as a method of downsizing engine displacement and increasing fuel economy. At the other end of the spectrum, those in charge of developing high-performance and racing engines, are targeting it for substantial power gains.... read more

Eddie fixes downside of serpentine belt kits

By Vic Moore: I often wonder how Joe Rode, the able manager of Eddie’s Motorsports, will cap his career. Why? Because he’s constantly observing, endlessly productive. Tall, lanky even, with a physique that doesn’t vary too much, I remember studying him on foot along a crowded corridor at a... read more

Motown LS: Unfamiliar hybrid

By Sam Logan: What’s the motivation for adapting LS cylinder heads to a small-block Chevrolet engine? Why not just go out and buy a used LS-series? It’s a modern power unit; it’s bestowed with high flowing heads, it’s readily available and it’s affordable…all the benefits you could desire. Except... read more

New Motown Pro Lightweight SBC Block From World Products

World Products has introduced a new lightweight cast-iron small block for racing and performance applications. Weighing in at a nominal 178lb the Motown Pro Lightweight is cast from a special 40,000psi iron alloy for increased strength while weighing significantly less than typical aftermarket blocks. The new block is available... read more

Servicing Mass Airflow Sensors

Ray Bohacz is a journalist in the automotive field and author of CarTech’s book “How to tune and win with Demon Carburetion”. He is also a monthly contributor to Hemming’s Muscle Machines magazine. Additionally, Ray writes short articles for the agriculture industry and is featured in a series of... read more

Helpful tips you need to know about racing oils

Meet specialist Len Groom. By Freddie Heaney: Between a crankshaft journal and a rod bearing a film of oil resides in a space approximately the thickness of a human hair. In last year’s Pro Stock 500cu in V8 racing engines, crankshafts were spinning near 11,500rpm. In 2006 the V8... read more

Update: EPA target is to defeat devices, not racers

WASHINGTON: Alarm bells rang in the auto enthusiast community recently after a trade group [SEMA] warned that the EPA was threatening to ban the type of modified street cars that generations of amateur racers have taken to the track. “Relax,” said the EPA, “There’s no new ban being proposed.... read more

May The Force (Of Induction) Be With You!

Since we’re always looking for smart ways to gain more horsepower, one of the best approaches is supercharging. It’s a device designed to grab Mother Nature by the scruff of the neck and shake her silly. Supercharging dramatically ups the ante on the pressure and quantity on your intake... read more