FANG-IIMore venom from Fang II – largest flowing 1/16th nitrous nozzle at 90-degrees yet

• Largest nitrous orifice in production – increases flow rate

• Individual channels for all passages – seal cannot rupture or leak

• Direct replacement for any fogger system – uses same N2O and fuel inlets

• Stainless steel construction – 1/16th pipe with 90-degrees N2O discharge


Huntington Beach, California: Nitrous Supply has introduced significant improvements to the design of their new Fang II nozzle. Fuel is discharged via the two fang-like orifices beneath the larger nitrous opening, creating better fuel atomization across the entire plume.

Mike Thermos, the nitrous specialist of almost forty years says, “If there is another 90-degree nozzle that flows more than this, I’m unaware of it.”

As a result it is free of restrictions; it eliminates back pressure in the system. A jet of any given orifice will now flow consistent to that orifice.

The Fang II nozzle is expected to be priced similar to the Fogger.



Nitrous Supply
Huntington Beach, CA