Written by Moore Good Ink

Olive Branch, MS: Though the LS-series engine has been around for more than a decade, it was traditionally hampered by displacement limit. Needless to say, with the exception of General Motors’ prohibitively expensive C5-R road race block, the normal “big-inch” LS engine was rarely larger than 400 cubic inches.

The aftermarket (World Products, GM LSX, and RHS among them) has since responded with cylinder cases capable of yielding more than 500 cubic inches, at a relative fraction of the cost of the C5-R precursor. Lunati recognized the urgent need for off-the-shelf, long-stroke crankshaft forgings, and they were first to address the situation with a new series of forged stroker crankshafts and rotating assemblies.

Using premium 4340 steel forgings that are capable of handling 1,000+horsepower, Lunati has integrated these new LS crankshafts into their existing Pro Series line. They are endowed with micro-polished and lightened connecting rod journals, gun-drilled mains to reduce rotating mass, special counterweight profiles that shed oil and reduce windage, and their exclusive finite detailing, profiling, and nitriding processes.

Lunati is pioneering eleven different off-the-shelf crankshafts with stroke lengths including but not limited to 4.250, 4.325, 4.425, 4.500, 4.525, 4.600, and 4.625 inches. All dimensions are based on a 6.300-inch rod length, 2.559-inch main bearing journals, and 2.100-inch rod bearing journals. Long snout applications are ready for the 4.500- and 4.600-inch crankshafts. Custom strokes are also available and Lunati can supply stroker crankshafts with a pin size of 2.200-inch (big-block size) or the long LS7 snout. Lunati’s Long Stroke cranks are in stock and ready to ship.

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