By Bertie Scott Brown –

Kennesaw, GA: KRC has introduced a unique, new power steering fluid. It breaks new ground in its reduction of fluid cavitation, noise and heat.

Surviving heat hazards is a crucial breakthrough in fluid longevity. Under-hood temperatures in some racing vehicles can exceed 300 degrees Fahrenheit, precipitating power steering fluid renewal before each race. KRC’s new petroleum-based fluid also prevents corrosion and foaming within the system. Foaming causes an effect in steering systems similar to that of air in braking systems.


Racers can now purchase KRC’s new fluid in a convenient six-pack, instead of the traditional twelve, or individually. The six one-quart containers usually complete three fluid changes. Now available from stocking dealers, KRC power steering fluid sells for $14.95 per quart.

Background: a simple but decisive test

Using a pump tester operating at 2,000rpm with 500psi pressure applied, KRC monitored the performance of various power steering fluids. As the fluids reached 240 degrees Fahrenheit, they recorded the elapsed time of temperature increases in 10-degree increments. They then released the entire 500psi pressure, which rapidly reduced the heat the pump emits and recorded the rate of decline.

During testing KRC discovered synthetic fluids would perform admirably during the first test cycle. However, if after cooling, the same test was repeated, the performance of the synthetic fluid deteriorated and after several heat cycles it deteriorated significantly. Hence, they concluded that the properties of the synthetic fluid would break down as it passed 240 to 300 degrees where, in contrast, their new premium petroleum-based formula was more repeatable.

How do you know when to change power steering fluid?

KRC’s new power steering fluid is crystal clear. But as the fluid sustains heating and cooling cycles it discolors. Always replenish the fluid when it becomes dark. If fluid continues to appear prematurely dark, this condition often indicates high under-hood temperatures, which can be corrected by a power steering cooler.

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