By Titus Bloom –

Winder, Georgia: In the winter of 2012, Kaase, aided by a Spintron, embarked upon hydraulic roller tappet testing and unearthed an extra 1,090rpm advantage for his Boss Nine road-going hot rod engines. “I set aside a few days to go Spintron testing in late January,” says Kaase. “I wasn’t expecting too much, but ended up learning more about tuning hydraulic lifters than I had imagined-it was my most rewarding test in a while.”

The Boss Nine engine, which was launched about three and a half years ago and has enjoyed widespread success both here in the States and in Australia, has been limited to around 6,300rpm. Now, with a small change of camshaft lobe profile, revised Trend pushrods, and a few associated components it spins with enthusiasm to 7,400rpm. 

Jon KaaseSon of a Cleveland, Ohio dentist, it is doubtful if Kaase ever fully understood his motivation for developing racing engines. From a dentist’s perspective his chosen career must have seemed absurd-consider the number of tests with negligible results, the hours, days, nights, and weekends of unrewarding toil that race engineers exert before success follows. “Without the Spintron,” concluded Kaase, “maintaining an advantage meant using engine combinations you knew worked and constantly changing parts until you found something that worked better. With the Spintron the process is a lot more scientific and efficient.”


Regarding the progress of Kaase’s small-block Ford initiative, earlier this month deliveries of the P-38 canted-valve kits for Windsor engines began hitting their stride. In common with the Boss Nine program, these latest offerings from Kaase’s Winder, Georgia factory are aimed toward the road-going hot rod enthusiast.

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