Written by Moore Good Ink

P-38 induction, hood clearance, Cross-Ram, Ford Windsor  Intake• Abundant low- and mid-range torque
• Ample Hood clearance
• Compelling good looks

Winder, GA: A quick glance at Kaase’s new P-38 cross-ram induction system for Ford Windsor engines immediately conveys two things: its potential to deliver impressive low- to mid-range torque and its inherent low-profile presence to add greater hood clearance—qualities that are often highly valued.

Depending upon the specifications of the camshaft and the cylinder heads, the cross-ram’s lengthy runners awakens the engine’s torque production and induces its best driving characteristics from around 2,500 to 6,800rpm. Increased low- to mid-range torque also promises superior off-idle performance, strong acceleration, and rapid recovery during gear changing. Improvements in fuel economy are a further bonus.

Functioning with factory-style and aftermarket cylinder heads as well as race heads, Kaase’s new cross-ram system is available as a fully assembled kit or as individual components.

Jon Kaase's P-38 cross-ram induction system for Ford Windsor engines The complete engine management system, comprising ECU, sensors, injectors, and wiring harness, is tailored to operate efficiently with a high-flowing intake manifold. Nothing undermines the legitimacy of effective electronics more than the meager flow rates of an inadequate intake. The manifold is also complete, incorporating fuel rails and trumpets. The rails are positioned on top of the intake runners; the trumpets are attached to the ends of the runners.

Finally, Kaase’s P-38 cross ram is supplied with an electronic control unit that has the ability to manage a wide variety of accessories for street use and for race cars. It offers almost infinite tuning and is furnished with built-in data acquisition and diagnostics. By featuring individual control of spark and fuel, it provides accurate fuel metering for quicker response, peak power and torque as well as fuel economy.

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