Written by Moore Good Ink

[object]Jon Kaase, the 59-year-old famed race engine builder from Winder, Georgia, will be addressing the 22nd annual AETC just prior to this year’s PRI exhibition at the Orange County Convention Center South, Orlando, Florida. Four-time winner of the celebrated Engine Masters Challenge, Kaase says, “I’m looking forward to the opportunity of speaking to the everyday hot rodder at the conference, and I’m hoping to share with him the commonsense techniques we apply to the building of the hot rod engine. Often engine building discussions are complex and can become meaningless to some of the audience. My address will be down-to-earth in the hope I can tell the hot rodder something he didn’t know before.”

Jon Kaase Racing Engines’ efforts are well documented, winning a dozen or more IHRA Pro Stock championships and an NHRA Pro Stock championship. In the past three years they expanded their operation by introducing their Boss Nine hot rod engine and have enjoyed remarkable sales both in this country as well as down-under in the Australasia markets.

The three-day AETC (Advanced Engineering Technology Conference) runs from Monday, November 28 to Wednesday, November 30, and will be held in Room S330. Assigned speaking times will be available on the AETC website mid-October.