Written by Titus Bloom:

  • LS cranks: pre-balanced to 1800g bob weight & with 1,000+hp capability
  • Precisely ground & lightened rod journals with straight-shot oiling
  • LS rods: Weight variance limited to +/- 2 grams across each set

K1-Crank-webMentor, Ohio: Forged from 4340, the tough, shock and impact resistant alloy steel, K1 Technologies has introduced a new range of high-performance crankshafts and H-beam connecting rods for racing and high performance LS engines.

Designed to cope with 1,000+hp, K1’s new series of cranks and rods are ideal for street and custom rods, Muscle cars and performance trucks as well as road race and Sportsman drag race cars.

K1’s forged crankshafts feature rifle-drilled mains, large journal radii and straight-shot journal oiling. Perhaps more importantly they are distinguished by precision-ground journals.

Attaining meticulousness can be time consuming

To avoid tapered journals the entire diameter of each journal, both main and rod, is subjected to concentricity checks traced on a co-ordinate measuring machine and finished to 0.0001in.

In addition, to ease engine builder balancing obligations, the cranks are pre-balanced to 1,800 gram bob weight. For lightening purposes, two non-intersecting holes, 1 inch in diameter and angled at 25 degrees, are drilled into each end of each rod journal.

To accommodate after-market harmonic balancers, a keyway is added to the crank snout. More appealing still is cost. At $835, K1’s crank is approximately 20 percent less expensive than comparable components.

K1-LS-ConRodsConnecting rods:

In common with their crankshafts, K1’s new H-beam connecting rods for high-performance LS engines are made from the same pristine 4340 nickel-chrome-moly steel. But it’s the ambitions of their Ohio Design and Quality Control departments that impress – a brilliance that encompasses fine honing and the introduction of premium bolts exclusively manufactured for purpose. Produced for K1 Technologies by ARP, the bolts feature special thread pitch and angle created for maximum clamping force.

Available in four configurations, three rods measure 6.125in center-to-center; the fourth 6.098in., which suits original equipment pistons.

The 6.125in rods are known as Standard, which deliver a solid 1,000hp; Lightweight, which transmit 750 naturally aspirated horsepower; and Stroker clearance, which deliver 900 to 1,000hp. Stroker-clearance rods provide an added margin between the rod and camshaft and windage tray and are used on cranks with stroke lengths of 4.125in and longer. Weight variance across each set of connecting rods is limited to +/- 2 grams.

ConRodEndTo keep prices attractive K1 avoids machining operations devised primarily for marketing stimulus: “if it doesn’t demonstrate a functional advantage we steer clear.” However, the importance of increasing material around the bolt bosses is strictly observed as is the use of ARP 2000 fasteners and shot peening, which improves the rods’ fatigue life.

Finally, two oiling holes are drilled on the bottom of the little end to aid lubrication. Both bores maintain an accuracy of +/- 0.0001in.

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