John Urist knows forced induction. Though the Albuquerque native is only thirty-two years of age, he formed Hellion Power Systems when he was twenty-three. He has been building and developing turbo and supercharger systems for a living since.

“It was Arkansas engine builder Jim Kuntz who recommended I go with a Wilson throttle body for the 2006 race season. In fact, I also bought a Wilson elbow, a custom-ported intake manifold, and a D-fuel rail fuel injected conversion. When I received the parts, I was surprised at just how beautifully made Wilson’s stuff is-it’s second to none.

“To maximize horsepower in an engine like mine, it is vital every cylinder receives identical air-fuel mixture. The task of distributing equal airflow through an intake system and into the cylinders of an engine is very difficult. I think Wilson stands alone in airflow research-they are one of the very few who really understands it.”