Written by Moore Good Ink
Lancaster, NY: Jiffy-tite, an innovator of quick-connect self-sealing fluid fittings, has introduced EPDM seals to their range of acclaimed fittings. EPDM, a type of synthetic rubber, is compatible with brake fluid–making these new quick-connect fittings ideal for all hydraulic clutch systems, and especially useful for stock car racers. EPDM is also compatible with nitromethane, and these new connectors, all rated for 200 PSI, are now available in a variety of configurations for nitromethane fuel systems.

Fuel systems with AN aluminum threaded fittings, particularly those on racecars that are constantly being threaded and unthreaded, often leak eventually. Jiffy-tite eliminates threaded fittings and replaces them with quick-connect self-sealing fittings. The result, they insist, is no cross-threading, no over-tightening, no forgetting to tighten, no leaks, no plumbing issues and no unsightly wrench marks or scratches on the fittings. And they are connected and disconnected in seconds.

These unique connectors have a further advantage: they eliminate the number of excess fittings in most plumbing systems-the process is streamlined. Compared to conventional AN aluminum fittings, which extend to hundreds of part numbers for nipples and unions and reducers, Jiffy-tite’s solution is simple: one plug and one socket. Using this technique a -6 AN line, for example, can be reduced to a -3 AN line with just two fittings.

An Original Equipment Manufacturer to GM, Chrysler, and other auto makers as well as the military, Jiffy-tite produces fittings with two other popular seals: Viton Fluorocarbon and Nitrile Buna-N seals. The Viton Fluorocarbon seals are suitable for water; gasoline, leaded and unleaded; racing fuels; diesel; bio-diesel; and most oils, including transmission applications. The Nitrile Buna-N seals are compatible with most alcohol fuels.

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