Ray Bohacz is a journalist in the automotive field and author of CarTech’s book “How to tune and win with Demon Carburetion”. He is also a monthly contributor to Hemming’s Muscle Machines magazine. Additionally, Ray writes short articles for the agriculture industry and is featured in a series of videos as the SF (Successful Farming) Engine Man. His videos introduce brief, informative features which apply to both farm and automotive equipment.

Ray-CylinderLeakDownTestA leak-down test measures air pressure that escapes around closed valves or piston rings in diesel or gasoline engines – information particularly useful for street engines.

Cylinder leaks greater than 15 – 20% are considered excessive and can result in lower power or an unstable idle. Here in fewer than 2 minutes, Ray shares valuable information on performing a cylinder leak-down test. Click here or on the video to view.