Hot Rod Drag Week 2012: The Muscle cars’ toughest test

Written by Moore Good Ink

1970 Chevelle

Tulsa OK: In this year’s Hot Rod Drag Week competition, Bryant Goldstone won the Modified Power Adder class in his Ultra Tech Racing Engines 1970 Chevelle.

“Attrition was rampant,”  said Ultra Tech Racing Engines’ Norm Beerhorst, “only two cars finished in Goldstone’s class and of the 186 that started, I believe, we lost 31 cars to various failures during the first day! Winning or even finishing well in this event is a huge accomplishment.”

Mike Roy, last year’s winner and another Ultra Tech associate, missed first place in the Pro Street Power Adder category by three-thousands of a second! Roy competes in a 1971 Monte Carlo—a formidable twin turbo, 4,100lb street-driven seven-second machine generating over 2000hp.

Chevelle Engine

Chevelle Engine

A 1,400-mile trek from strip-to-strip, both Goldstone’s Chevelle and Roy’s Monte Carlo survived the toughest Muscle car test of the year. Both cars are equipped with Diamond pistons and Trend piston pins and pushrods.

Norm Beerhorst said afterwards, “You cannot buy a better piston or pushrod or find better customer service than that of Diamond and Trend.”
Monte Carlo Engine

Monte Carlo Engine

Norm Beerhorst of Ultra Tech Racing Engines



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