Written by Moore Good Ink

[object]Olive Branch, MS: Lunati has taken the wraps off its all-new 4340 alloy steel Signature series connecting rods.

As direct replacements for their successful FM (fully machined) Series, these new race-ready I-beam forgings are 100 percent sonic tested and Magnaflux inspected. In addition, they are manufactured to extremely close tolerances (.0005in between centers), weight-matched to plus-or-minus 1 gram, and heat treated to 28-30 on the Rockwell C scale. They are made to the most precise standards Lunati knows, and are available in sizes from 5.4in to 6.4in.

Precision-machined and with close attention to detail these aircraft-quality mill-certified connecting rods are ideal for use in circle track, drag race, off road or marine applications. Indeed, they suit all naturally aspirated and forced-induction engines that are subjected to high engine speeds and stresses.

Lunati, a specialist in competition connecting rods for over 20 years and a supplier to the NASCAR scene for the past five, has successfully tested the new Signature series in NASCAR competition during the course of the past year.

Derek Scott, head of the Mississippi-based camshaft and components firm, said the success of their existing FM series over the past decade meant “we have hardly changed the rod’s material properties, but full sonic testing has been hugely significant, guaranteeing increased strength and eliminating risks of internal impurities-plus the rod’s precise tolerances are exceptional.” Commonly, sets of connecting rods can vary in their center-to-center dimension by up to .004in.

For 2.100in and 2.000in crankpins the Signature series connecting rods are supplied with 7/16in bolts; for smaller 1.889in crankpins (Honda journal) 3/8in bolts are provided. All bolts are of the ARP2000 series.

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