By Sam Moore  Photographs by Moore Good Ink

Goodwood 2013Let’s stipulate the time period starts in 1948 and ends in 1966. Like any bygone era this time period would be characterized by its music and its fashions, its aircraft and its road transport. But for the racing enthusiast it would be distinguished by its fine cars and motorcycles. An impossible fantasy? No it isn’t. It is the reality known as the Goodwood Revival now the highlight of each racing season.

Each September racing enthusiasts, many with their wives and partners, dress-up in period attire and sally forth to Goodwood near Chichester in West Sussex. Less than two hours distance southwest of London, the Goodwood estate is opened to the public where one hundred and twenty thousand devotees revel in historical air displays, fashion, and a 15-race program like no other over three days: Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Goodwood 2013 EntryTellingly, when avid racing enthusiasts emphasize, “You will never see racing like it,” believe them for you are in for the treat of a lifetime: multi-million dollar historic race cars driven at full-chat is the feast before you.

But that’s not all, there are hundreds of booths to peruse, offering everything imaginable. In fact, there’s so much to see you could easily spend the three days on walkabout and see nothing of the racing.

We’ve been buked: we are pilgrims of pleasure!

The precursor to the Goodwood Revival begins with Thursday evening’s cricket match. Cricket is the English bat-and-ball game played between two teams each with 11 players on a field at the center of which is a rectangular 22-yard long pitch. This particular game pitted Lord March’s house team, the Goodwood proprietor, against eleven selected racing drivers.

Here follows some scenes near the cricket action, to enlarge simply click on each image:

For the 2013 Goodwood Revival race action and event photos click here.

Cricket Match

Cricket at Goodwood. During 2nd German war grounds converted to war-time airfield. Perimeter road opened as racing circuit in 1948


For next 18 years Goodwood became a prestigious, world class race track then closed its doors to contemporary racing in 1966

Cricket grounds

1951-59 Aston Martin DB2: Robust 105-109hp motor with capable chassis and elegant body. AM celebrates its centenary in 2013

Laurel & Hardy

The G’wood Revival time warp: Hundreds of actors are laid-on to promote spirit of cheer and goodwill during the 3-day event


Senior R&D Lotus F1 engineer, Dave Hamer, with Blockley Tyres owner Julian Majzub. Blockley hits its stride in historic racing arena


Historic cars proliferate during Revival. Event so successful local accommodation is often reserved one year in advance


When exquisite style transends all other considerations


Bristol Teardrop Special adopts features from the Bugatti Type 57 but shares closer resemblance with the 1937 Talbot Lago T150


Historics charm G’wood: Bentley’s decade of glory 1920 to 1929

Goodwood spectators

Recreating the fashion and culture of post-war years lies at the heart of the Goodwood Revival; the ladies never look better

Goodwood spectators

Elegant hats and furs abound!


Unless you arrive on a BSA Gold Star, a Triumph, or a Norton, jeans are a rare sight at the Revival. All spectators are encouraged to wear period attire