Written by Moore Good Ink

Fuelab’s new electronic fuel pressure regulator uses a microprocessor in its base and operates in conjunction with their Prodigy fuel pumps.

Devised for street-strip and drag race applications generating up to 1,800hp, this new innovative, patented device communicates automatically with Fuelab’s Prodigy variable-speed pump. The pump, in turn, responds instantly to fluctuating fuel flow demands and decreases current draw when in reduced mode, suppressing heat and potential vapor lock troubles in the fuel system.

From an idle condition to fully open throttle it generates a signal, sensing approximately 100 times each second. The signal is communicated by the microprocessor to Fuelab’s Prodigy fuel pump and with electronic accuracy the system precisely meters its fuel.

Fuelab’s latest innovation is installed and prepared for operation in the normal way: set the fuel pressure mechanically like a traditional bypassing regulator, then let the electronic regulator’s demand-based speed control take care of the rest.

Backed by a two-year guarantee, this assembly operates as an independent system with no other connections or control boxes or calibrations required.

Find out more about the Fuelab’s electronic fuel pressure regulator (529XX Series) and their line of digital brushless fuel pumps at this year’s trade shows:

SEMA booth 21030; PRI booth 2313; and IMIS booth1632

For further information contact:
826-A Morton Court, Litchfield, IL 62056
Telephone (217) 324-3737 or e-mail: info@fuelab.com
or visit the Fuelab website at: www.Fuelab.com