Most of us marvel at their drive when a specialist manufacturer succeeds with one of the large auto producers. Getting an industry icon to engage in a proposition involving a new brand is unfamiliar territory to most—let alone joining forces. But that’s exactly what Phoenix Systems has accomplished with their new Ford Reverse Brake Bleeder.

Not only is this innovative, new device, its kit of parts and its packaging cool-looking but also, to the best of the manufacturer’s knowledge, it performs a variety of tasks not available elsewhere.


  • » One-person operation
  • » Bleeds brake and clutch systems in fewer than 10mins
  • » Removes trapped air from newly installed brake lines and parts
  • » Portable, lightweight and complete

St. George, UT: Phoenix Systems is introducing two newly Ford-approved reverse brake and clutch bleeders. Both offer one-person operation and bleed all brake and clutch systems in approximately ten minutes, including ABS, which is accomplished without a scan tool.

Bleeding means removing trapped air and reverse bleeding means attaching the bleeder to a brake caliper bleed screw and simply pushing the air—and the old fluid—in reverse flow up through the brake lines and out through the master cylinder. The bleeder pump draws in fresh fluid each time the handle is released.


Heavy Duty Pro (PN 2002HD-Ford) Reverse Brake Bleeder

The larger of these two patented bleeders, the Heavy Duty Pro (PN 2002HD-Ford) is made of metal, carries a two-year warranty, and is endowed with 20ml increased capacity for faster, more efficient bleeding.

The Medium Duty brake bleeder (PN 2003-Ford) provides all the bleeding capabilities of the heavy-duty version but at a lower cost. This bleeder is constructed from high-strength Zytel nylon polymer and, like the Heavy Duty Pro-HD, is appropriate for all makes and models, including military vehicles as well as motorcycles.

Portable, lightweight and complete, these bleeding kits require neither electricity nor air—nor special tools or clips to bleed ABS. In addition, they efficiently remove trapped air from newly installed brake lines and associated components. Moreover, they have the capacity to bleed the Ford Ranger clutch in fewer than 10 minutes. Prices of complete kits start at $214.99.

For further information contact:

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