Written by Moore Good Ink

Columbia, SC: Ram Clutches’ new Force 9.5 dual-disc clutch-flywheel assembly transmits up to 800lb ft of torque, transmits it quietly, and suits all GM LS engines-including the 2010 Camaro as well as 4.6 and 5.4L Fords.
In fact, this new 9.5in entry-level clutch-flywheel assembly can be installed on any engine for which Ram makes a twin-plate clutch.

In addition to doubling the torque capacity, the Force 9.5 is small and light-very light-weighing approximately 35lb compared with the standard LS arrangement, which weighs around 57lb and measures 11.750in. This combination of compact size and light weight results in improved engine response. The effects of faster acceleration and deceleration are immediately apparent.
Devised as an economical, entry-level unit, Ram’s Force 9.5 is guaranteed to meet the exact height dimensions of the original factory clutch-flywheel assembly, thus it’s a direct bolt-in fit.

Featuring the same basic design as the Force 10.5, announced earlier this year, it requires only light pedal effort, similar to that of a stock LS7 or factory 2010 Camaro.

To ensure unfailing holding power and the provision of good drivability without chatter on initial clutch release, Ram furnishes both friction plates with their 300 series organic linings.

The Force 9.5 is priced around $950 complete and will be available June 1, 2010.

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