Written By Moore Good Ink

Portland, OR: Tork Tech has developed a potent, new supercharger kit for the Mustang GT 1999-’04. Determined by gearing, it will generate 550 to 700-plus rear wheel horsepower. Using a Magnuson unit containing Eaton’s latest four-lobe high-helix TVS rotor technology, Tork Tech has added a double-pass intercooler, housed in its own intake manifold; a large heat exchanger, complete with pump; a coolant tank with all necessary plumbing; and a throttle body with intake plenum and cold-air intake tube. Of special note, the kit also includes an 8-rib independent drive-belt system with pulleys and idlers.

This latest TVS blower will spin up to 25,000 rpm without losing volumetric efficiency—the bigger the crankshaft pulley, the faster it spins and therefore the more power it generates. Attempting to operate a larger crankshaft pulley on one common serpentine drive belt system presents two problems. First, space around the crankshaft pulley is limited and therefore increasing its size substantially isn’t feasible. Second, even if it were possible to run a 10- or 11-inch pulley, the alternator, water pump, power-steering pump, and air conditioning compressor would be vastly over geared. Tork Tech overcomes space and gearing limitations not by increasing the size of the supercharger but, instead, by introducing an independent drive arrangement that sits forward of the accessory belt system, where size considerations are no longer a concern.

Other valuable attributes of this new Eaton technology, known as the TVS1900 (Twin Vortices Series™ which moves 1.9 liters of air with each revolution) are its instant response, at virtually any speed, and its reliability. There are several million of them in service. Unlike the centrifugal types that produce much power at high revs, this positive-displacement Roots-style supercharger punches out its power from off-idle and upward. Eaton says the TVS is their most efficient supercharger design to date.

The TVS installation kit comes hot on the heels of Tork Tech’s M112 system also designed for the Mustang GT 1999-’04 and with power output of 380 to 520 rear-wheel horsepower.

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