By Ben Mozart

PS Reservoir1-Filter intervenes before harmful particles are passed to pump

-Doesn’t impede steering fluid flow.

-Reservoir swivels 360° to point return line in any direction

Kennesaw, Georgia: KRC is launching a new power steering reservoir. Its principal, Ken Roper says, “This is the first filtered power steering reservoir of its kind.”

Though small filters are often placed in the inlet and outlet ports of power steering reservoirs, this is the first with a full Oberg filter screen.PS Reservoir2

Its main objective is to ensure clean fluid is conveyed to the power steering pump without causing restriction at its inlet.

Initially designed for sand rails, rock crawlers, mud and desert racing vehicles it was soon discovered to be ideal for short track oval dirt cars, off-road trucks and Monster trucks. Indeed any vehicle operating in a dirty environment where the racer wants to protect an expensive competition power steering pump or steering gearbox, it will arrest dust, dirt and all contaminants.

PS Reservoir4The two-piece canister measures 4.5in diameter and 4.5in tall with the 4in Oberg coarse screen sandwiched between both halves. Radial slots and a perimeter register, a flat groove, are machined in both halves to keep the screen properly seated. Conveniently, the top of the reservoir can be swiveled 360 degrees to point the return line in any direction.

Though not supplied with fittings, the reservoir is equipped with a -8AN O-ring port in the side (return flow) which accepts -8AN or -6AN male nipples. The -12AN O-ring port at the bottom of the reservoir accommodates –12AN, –10AN, or –8AN male nipples to feed the pump. These O-ring fittings are sold separately by KRC as well as by most AN fitting suppliers.KRC-PS Rservoir

A properly filled canister will hold 23fl oz of power steering fluid. In its top half a tube connected to the return port extends across its internal diameter where it discharges the return oil supply around the inner wall, thereby reducing aeration. To further minimize aeration the reservoir is designed to function under pressure, typically operating between 15 and 20psi. Should pressure reach 25psi the cap will vent the excess.

Assigned part number 91140000, KRC’s Oberg filtered reservoir is available for $227.90 racer net.


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