Written By Moore Good Ink

Fort Lauderdale, Florida: Earlier this year Wilson, the Fort Lauderdale induction specialists, set out to improve conventional fuel rail design by developing a system that promotes consistency in fuel distribution.  They focused on three principal areas: increasing fuel rail capacity, isolating the injectors from the detrimental effects of pulsations and of siphoning within the rails, and improving the fuel flow to the injectors.  Recent tests demonstrated the new Wilson D-shaped fuel rails gain power.


These D-shaped fuel rails accommodate approximately 50 percent greater volume than comparable OEM and aftermarket counterparts. Wilson and his team of engineers started with an 11/16-inch inner diameter delivery tube and reshaped it to a D-form.  Then they cleverly developed radiused inlet ports to even the fuel distribution to the injectors.  These radiused inlet ports reduce the harmful effects of siphoning—especially at injector ports placed at the beginning of the fuel paths.  Wilson also carefully positioned the injectors below the radiused inlets.  By increasing the capacity of the fuel rails, radiusing the inlet ports, and setting the injectors in their submerged locations, Wilson reduced the adverse effects of pulsations and siphoning, improved the fuel distribution, and picked-up engine power.


As yet, no part numbers have been assigned for specific models.  Nonetheless, with specifications supplied, these new D-shaped rails can be produced for all applications.


Wilson is keen for you to evaluate them, believing these rails to be the best, the most advanced fuel rails produced today.

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