Written by Moore Good Ink

• A vintage water pump with modern reliable internals
• Greatly reduces power robbing effects especially at high engine speeds
• Virtually eliminates debilitating turbulence and promotes increased water flow
• Improved pump efficiencies allow lower operating speeds & additional power savings

Chatham, Virginia: Historic road race specialists, Virkler & Bartlett LLC, have introduced a new vintage water pump refurbishment program.

To restore efficiencies to all vintage water pumps and eliminate debilitating turbulence and subsequent power losses at any engine speed, V&B fits optimized CNC-machined spiral rotors with modern-style bearings and seals. The effect has been so favorable that pump operating speeds can be reduced and engine power saved.

V&B water pump, CNC-machined spiral rotors,

New CNC-machined spiral rotor replaces obsolescent straight vane

Vintage cars have vintage water pumps. Replacement parts are not available and the bearings and seals used are unreliable. These pumps usually have straight-vane rotors that are inefficient at pumping water and stall at relatively low RPM. A stalled rotor acts like a water brake dynamometer. It consumes a surprising amount of power and impedes water flow.

The problem is further exacerbated if the engine is required to run at higher than original design speeds. In back-to-back dyno testing, the stall speed of an original vintage water pump is easily determined: as coolant turbulence increases engine power decreases.

Water pump efficiency is an essential advantage for any serious racing program.

In their 15th year, V&B delivers uncommonly good historic race car parts…and on time: Race engines that overachieve, proven race engine components, reliable clutch and starter solutions, fine magnesium wheels and suspension units, re-created or redesigned.

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