Edelbrock High Performance Fuel Pumps

Edelbrock High Performance Fuel Pumps

Edelbrock Universal Micro Electric Fuel Pumps deliver maximum performance in a compact package. They feature a durable simple design that reduces the chance of vapor lock and flooding. In addition, they are easy to install and they operate quietly so you won’t know they’re there! Includes fuel pump, filter, mounting hardware and instructions for hassle-free installation. Available for gasoline and diesel applications.

  • For use with standard 12-volt negative ground systems with 1-amp draw at maximum delivery
  • Features an easy-to-setup 2-wire design
  • Introduces a gravity-fed in-line self-priming and regulating design
  • Can also be used as a lift or transfer pump
  • Designed for use with automotive and industrial applications

Includes filter and all of the necessary hardware for installation.

Contact: Edelbrock.com
Phone: 310-781-2222


Max Flow Rate Fuel Type PSI Range Inlet Port Outlet Port Part #
30 GPH / 114 LPH Gasoline/E85 2-3.5 1/8″ NPT 5/16″ Barb 17303
38 GPH / 144 LPH Gasoline/E85 4-7 1/8″ NPT 5/16″ Barb 17301
38 GPH / 144 LPH Diesel 4-7 1/8″ NPT 5/16″ Barb 17302
Replacement Filter Element for #17301 and #17303 (40 micron) 17311
Replacement Filter Element for #17302 (100 micron) 17312
INSTALLATION NOTE: Fuel filters included with the above fuel pumps are equipped with a 5/16″ Barb inlet.


  1. I am interested in purchasing the low pressure gasoline unit. I have a small shop outside Charlotte NC specializing in old British sports cars, I also race a vintage Austin Healey Sprite hence the shop name. To date the fuel pump choices are the original SU unit that is prone to failure due to the points system or the small units such as Faset that are extremely noisy. Please let me know about sourcing this unit.
    John Jones

    • John,
      Edelbrock tells us that these pumps should be available soon from O’Reilly’s auto parts stores.


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