Drive Belts: How not to install them

Drive Belts: How not to install them

Ray Bohacz is a journalist in the automotive field and author of CarTech’s book “How to tune and win with Demon Carburetion”. He is also a monthly contributor to Hemming’s Muscle Machines magazine. Additionally, Ray writes short articles for the agriculture industry and is featured in a series of videos as the SF (Successful Farming) Engine Man. His videos introduce brief, informative features which apply to both farm and automotive equipment.

Ray-Bohacz-SF-Engine-Answerman Topic: drive belts

When drive belts are first installed, their molecule structure conforms to the belt’s direction of travel. As a result, drive belts don’t perform well when fitted in the reverse direction. Here, in fewer than 75 seconds, Ray shares valuable information on installing a drive belt that was previously used. Click here or on the video to view.


  1. Something I did not know, but makes perfect sense. Thanks Ray for a great, quick tech piece. I will file that one away for future use!

    • Jeff,

      Thanks for the kind words —– it means a good deal coming from you.

      Have a blessed day and keep up the excellent work on your end.



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