Written by Moore Good Ink

Columbia, SC: The greatest threat to a clutch release bearing is not failure in service but failure before it.

The two greatest obstacles rodders and racers face when installing a competition-style hydraulic release bearing are determining the correct amount of bearing movement on the piston sleeve and second, determining the exact proximity of a fully retracted release bearing to the diaphragm clutch fingers.

An easy solution to the first is to adopt Ram’s new heavy-duty universal release bearing (PN 78180HD) combined with their new HSA clutch adjuster. The bearing features bigger O-rings on the piston sleeve and housing and has additional sealing provided by Teflon backing rings. The clutch adjuster controls bearing movement and completely removes the risk of it crashing into the double spiral circlip at the end of the piston sleeve, should it mistakenly travel too far. Additionally it allows for adjustments to be made to the bearing travel before the parts are installed in the bell housing. The HSA clutch adjuster can also be used to correct pedal height troubles.

As a solution to the second problem, Ram provides the installer with sufficient shims and spacers and also supplies measuring information to determine the exact position of the fully retracted release bearing in relationship to the diaphragm fingers. This data reveals three vital measurements that ensure perfect clutch operation. They can be found on Ram’s technical webpage at the following link: click here » This new universal bearing, which is supplied with fittings, a bleed line, and bleed screw, suits a diverse range of applications, including late-model performance vehicles (Camaro, Mustang, Corvette); early muscle cars (both restored and resto-mods and those with modern manual transmissions); street rods; and Cobra kit cars.

Ram’s new universal bearing and adjuster are priced at $199 and $138.95 respectively.

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