Written by Moore Good Ink

[object]The Demon brand of carburetors emerged in the late nineteen-nineties in Dahlonega, Georgia. Twenty-five miles away resided two awesome Bills from Dawsonville: one Elliott the other Goldberg. Elliott had distinguished himself in the mid- and late-eighties as a formidable oval track racer, winning the Winston Million; the other, Goldberg, a decade later, had stirred television wrestling audiences across the nation into frenzy. The former football player of imposing proportions, bald-headed, 6ft 5in and 290lb, also loved hot rods and as a persuasive advocate for Demon agreed to act as the ambassador for the new carburetor brand at the forthcoming SEMA show. Upon his arrival he was mobbed by fans and well-wishers and toward the end of a 10am television interview in the SEMA halls the limousine driver said, “Once you get him moving hold your momentum or he’ll never reach the Demon booth!” Motivated by this considerable insight Goldberg was duly escorted to his destination in short order, and the adjacent queues of young men eagerly awaiting the autographs of voluptuous young booth babes defected and blocked the isles as they rushed to join Goldberg’s Demon line-followed by the voluptuous young booth babes! A dozen years later Demon Carburetion looks forward to celebrating its second coming at this year’s SEMA show.

Dahlonega, GA: After a brief hiatus, plans are moving ahead rapidly to revive the popular Demon Carburetion and BG Fuel Systems brands.

This new business will be run by a fresh team of race and performance enthusiasts that is committed to bringing you high quality products and exceptional customer service.

Stay tuned for more information regarding availability and look for the re-launch of the Barry Grant brands at SEMA later this fall. In addition regular updates will be posted on the BarryGrant.com website.