By Ben Mozart

Brad KleinAmarillo, TX: In the wake of Dale Eicke’s untimely death in August, 2013, Brad Klein, his employer and proprietor of Dream Chaser Racing Engines, is seeking a replacement.

“We’d like to find someone who can bring the unique knowledge that Dale contributed,” said Klein, “and though I don’t know that Dale can be replaced, I am certainly short handed and I’m trying to find the right person.”

In the past, the firm employed a cylinder head specialist and an engine machinist that could also perform the assembly work, but currently they are seeking the combination that Dale offered.

Ninety percent of Dream Chaser’s business entails the careful preparation of high-end drag racing engines, most of them naturally aspirated. The tasks include cylinder head preparation and automotive machine work and fabricating. “Dale was pretty handy in this environment, remarked Brad Klein. You give him a lathe, a mill, and a TIG welder and there wasn’t much he couldn’t create—and it didn’t take him long to do it.”

Those interested in this new prospect who feels qualified please call (806) 371-7288 or contact Brad Klein at: