Written by Moore Good Ink

Courtney Force, U.S. Navy, F18 jetBetween this year’s Gainesville and Phoenix NHRA national drag racing events, Funny Car driver Courtney Force participated in an hour-long flight with the U.S. Navy Blue Angels in an F18 jet.

“I had met U.S. Navy service people at the drag races,” she said, “and somehow they convinced me to take the flight, even though I told them I was terrified.

“When we took off we immediately hit 6.1 G’s vertically. We reached speeds in excess of 700 mph and generated 7.3 G’s, twice the speed and G-force I’m used to in my Traxxas Funny Car. We also succeeded in breaking the sound barrier and going Mach 1. It was crazy! I will never forget the experience and give a big thanks to my pilot, Lt. Ryan Chamberlain.”

Courtney, Blue Angels, Rookie of the Year Courtney conceded she briefly lost consciousness. To some, it seemed a bit like inviting the girl into a boxing ring and felling her momentarily with a well-aimed punch to the head. Fun for some maybe…

Nonetheless, top marks to the girl for succeeding as gracefully as anyone could in such an amazing whirlwind experience.

Courtney was also named Rookie of the Year by Racer magazine. Indeed this is quite the honor as she was selected from top NASCAR, Indy Car and F1 drivers. She is the first person from the NHRA to win the award.

See Courtney’s Blue Angels experience online at YouTube →