Written by Moore Good Ink

Corvette ZR1Columbia, SC: Since factory replacement clutches for 1989-’96 C4 Corvettes no longer exist, Ram is introducing a new direct replacement dual-disc clutch-flywheel assembly.

The kit includes a hydraulic release bearing with all the fittings and hardware to complete the conversion. It connects directly to the factory master cylinder.

Pull-Style Clutch

OEM C4 Corvette pull-style cover assembly

For those accustomed to the normal push-style clutch assembly, the unorthodox pull-style mechanism used in the C4 Corvette must have seemed most irregular. In the pull-style arrangement the release bearing was responsible for pulling the fingers back to disengage the clutch—the opposite effect of conventional clutches. This and further concerns over the original lightweight alloy rimmed cover assembly caused Ram to opt for the more pragmatic push-system approach. Thus a new Ram Force 9.5 and Force 10.5 range of clutches has been created. The smaller diameter model impels the engine to rev faster; the larger model transmits larger torque loadings.

The Force 9.5 dual-disc clutch and flywheel assembly for the C4 transmits up to 800ft lbs of torque. In addition to doubling torque capacity, it transmits power quietly and operates with surprisingly light pedal effort.

Ram Strap-DrivenAlternatively the firm’s Force 10.5 clutch-flywheel assembly transmits over 950 ft-lbs of torque. For smooth engagement, these units use Ram’s 300-series steel-backed friction discs and a marcel spring. For clutch strength and stability, the friction discs feature an eight-spring hub assembly with urethane encapsulated springs. And for lightness, a billet aluminum flywheel is employed with a ¼-inch thick steel insert to dissipate the heat.

All assemblies are built to OEM height dimensions for easy installation—no modifications necessary. Both systems are strap-driven for quiet operation.

Lastly, Ram also manufacturers a single-disc system for the C4. This, too, is a push-style unit that uses a purpose-built flywheel and is supplied with hydraulic bearing kit and all the necessary fittings and hardware.

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