Following ten years of supercharger manufacture, TorqStorm has developed approximately 100 variations, which, of course, increases to 300 variations when three choices of finish are included. Chris Beardsley of Technical Sales elaborates, “Consider our small-block Chevrolet kits, for example, these are available with left- or right-hand mounting and with long- or short-style water pump. They are also available in single or twin configurations as well as our comprehensive Plus kit. In addition, there are two different twin kits: a regular twin and a 2XR kit—and all of these represent just our small-block Chevrolet offerings!”

Future developments?

“The Hemi guys,” says company co-founder Chris Brooker, “regularly inquire about complete kits; that is, a turnkey kit that provides a tune, injectors, cooler, and piping. When we eventually pursue the development of these, we will probably first focus on the Ram truck, Camaro, Pontiac G8, Pontiac GTO, and Silverado. At the moment we have these—about six or eight kits available—but they are incomplete and non-smog compliant.”


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