Written by Moore Good Ink

Falun, Sweden: Initially designed for the fast and affordable installation of steel main caps, designer, Hank Nordstrom, attributes the success of Turnited’s Blockliner to its robustness and to its fine adjustment capabilities.

Instead of selecting a smaller diameter bar in the hope of align-boring the main journals and caps and the camshaft tunnel, he elected to use a 2-inch diameter hardened, precision-ground bar that is dedicated solely to the task of align-boring the mains. Now a new upgrade for align-boring the cam tunnel, which is referenced from the main saddles has appeared.

Align boring machineryI was committed to building a high quality rigid machine,” says Nordstrom, “with adjustable spherical bearing and mill-mounted to conserve floor space and not be encumbered by bridge supports or steady rests.” The Blockliner, which can be used on all V8 engine blocks of US origin, also features a unique micro-feed tool holder and adjustable reference plates attached to each end of the block.

Hank Nordstrom, a Swedish drag racer and engine builderFor US interest: call MWA Machine Company’s Marvin Wood at (800) 877-2393 or reach him at Marvin@MWAmachine.com to find out more about Turnited’s Blockliner

For Australian interest: contact Hank Nordstrom direct at: +46 (232) 3011 or reach him by e-mail at info@Blockliner.com (Dealer enquiries welcome).