By Sam Logan:

In the past eight years, Mike Androwick’s reputation along with that of his son, Mike Jr. had become synonymous with designing and preparing race-winning cylinder heads for big-block Super Dirt Series championship winners. His heads have graced those winners in 2013, ’14, and ‘15. And this year, as an associate sponsor, they won 5 track championships and finished 2nd 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 9th in the Super Dirt Car Series. Year-to-date his company, Mike’s Racing Heads based in Concord, North Carolina has supplied 150 cylinder heads to these racers.

This being the case, you might conclude he had rendered every other racing head market as inconsequential. Except he didn’t. Success boils down to passionate effort and much of Androwick’s passion has been riveted on Pro Stock since boyhood. This year he and his team assisted the Denver, North Carolina-based Gray Motorsports in designing and preparing heads and induction systems for their NHRA Pro Stock campaign. And the results? Three number-one qualifiers, three wins, two runners-up and 15 semifinals

Creating successful racing heads and induction systems is a craft, part inspiration but mostly know-how and hard work, which reminds one of that wonderful Bob Glidden line: “All hard work ever did was to make you tired.”

Still, when you’re in the shop from around 7am and remain there until 8 or 9pm you’d think the romance of your chosen career would gradually fade. Not so with Androwick. He still embodies the young man’s eagerness for learning and improvement.

Displaying at booth 2332 at this week’s PRI exhibition at the Indianapolis Convention center, December 8-10, here are two of his latest innovations.


brodix-13Brodix 13° Small-Block Chevrolet cylinder head for Dirt Late Models with 4.400in bore-space blocks

Intake valves 2.180 operating on 50° seats and flowing 390cfm

Exhaust valves 1.625 operating on 55° seats and flowing 285cfm

Intake runner volume 295cc

Combustion chamber 44cc on 4.155 bore

Heads benefit from MRH CNC-lightening program to remove excess weight


edelbrock4500intakeEdelbrock 11° – 13° 2-pc Intake for Dirt Late Models

Designed for 4.500 bore-space SBC blocks

Fully CNC-ported for 430-450cu-in race engines

Optional lightening: External surfaces fully machined leaving 0.175 minimum wall thickness


Earlier this year, Mike’s Racing Heads added a further 5-axis CNC machining center to their manufacturing stock. They are now inviting job applications from knowledgeable CNC CAD/CAM persons.

“When nothing breaks I have nothing more to learn,” Jim Hall

Mike’s Racing Heads
4555 Motorsports Dr. SW
Suite 110, Concord, NC 28027
(704) 654-6079