Written by Moore Good Ink

Cumming, Georgia: The Original Wheel Guide empowers you to change alloy road wheels fast. Instead of straining yourself or getting down on your knees or sitting on the ground balancing a wheel between your feet, simply insert the Original Wheel Guide through a stud hole in the wheel and slide it onto its mount in seconds. No sweat!

To accommodate the four most popular wheel stud sizes, Original Wheel Guides are available in 7/16in or 1/2in or 12mm or 14mm. A complete kit of wheel guides featuring all four sizes is also available.

Made from thin-wall stainless steel tubes that accommodate either flat-bottom or acorn/conical-style lug nuts, these new patent-pending Original Wheel Guides are priced at $29.95 each or $114.95 for the kit of four (plus shipping).

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