By Bertie Scott Brown

JohnMeaney-webThe company AFIS might strike you as somewhat obscure, but it isn’t. The acronym stands for Advanced Fuel Ignition Systems and was founded over three years ago by EFI maestro John Meaney, industry veteran Tom Jenkins, and Precision Turbo founder Harry Hruska.

    For 2014 AFIS is introducing a new range of fast-reaction fuel injectors and ignition wire sets that helped Dan Fletcher win 6 NHRA national events in 2013.



Faster opening and closing times incite better atomization and thus increased power

-All injectors 48lb and over are flow-matched to plus-or-minus 1 percent for accuracy

AFIS-FRT-Injectors webHebron, Indiana: Entering its fourth consecutive year as NHRA contingency sponsor, AFIS has announced a new, high quality range of fast-reaction fuel injectors. Named FRT, they suit high performance street cars and racing cars as diverse as Pro Mod to Sport Compacts.

Significantly, the major advantage of FRT injectors is their reaction time. Their superiority lies in the introduction of a new electronic solenoid within the injector body that controls the pintel. The diminutive pintel receives its signal from the ECU and by opening and closing faster the FRT injector delivers a crisper, more precise and better atomized charge of fuel. Precise fuel discharge improves the engine’s throttle response and its economy but above all increases its power.

Available in either high or low impedance styles AFIS competition injectors operate with either aftermarket or OEM electronic control units. In addition they are capable of operating at 12 or 16volts and, reassuringly, all injectors rated at 48lbs and over are flow-matched. This ensures the racer is never “chasing a bad cylinder” caused by a deficient injector. AFIS avoids the implication of the rich or lean cylinder by rating all their injectors to plus-or-minus 1 percent accuracy.

Lastly, AFIS, who was founded by EFI mastermind John Meaney, industry specialist Tom Jenkins, and Precision Turbo principal Harry Hruska, proudly proclaim that their new FRT injectors are US-made and they maintain the largest selection of application-specific injectors in the industry.  


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