By Bertie Scott Brown

AFISWire webFor 2014 AFIS is introducing a new range of fast-reaction fuel injectors and ignition wire sets that helped Dan Fletcher win 6 NHRA national events in 2013.

You’ll notice that today’s ignition wires are distinguished by several fine attributes not least their low-resistance, but in the early 1990s the Ohm resistance could be as high as 800 per foot. Then one day Tom Jenkins found 150 Ohm-per-foot wire and constructed a set for NHRA Pro Stock legend Warren Johnson, who won his next three races. Later when Johnson returned to his race shop in north Georgia he told Jenkins that his engine power had increased by 5 or 6hp—more energy was being transmitted through the plug wires. Today, AFIS presents their latest ignition wire rated at 50 Ohms per foot.

-Strong, high-energy ignition wire sets with low resistance

-Both fiber and spiral cores transmit current without interference

-Every wire set checked for output and endurance

Hebron, Indiana: Developed for high performance street cars and racing cars, AFIS has introduced a comprehensive new range of spiral-core ignition wire sets that contribute very low resistance, 50 Ohms per foot.

Their low resistance means that more electrical current is transmitted from the distributor or coil to fire the spark plugs while still maintaining RFI/EMI suppression: they inhibit electromagnetic interference.

Electrical current is transmitted through the cable’s Aramid™ fiber and also its spiral core—its inductive wire windings. At its center the strong, heat-resistant synthetic core fiber is impregnated with carbon. The spiral core, which is wound around the fiber, prevents the magnetic field, the electrical noise, from being transmitted to other electrical components.

In addition, the wire sets feature a superior jacket that promises the best combination of low- and high-temperature performance. The jacket is also resistant to dielectric failure, proving to be particularly effective if put in contact with under-hood fluids—oil, brake or transmission fluids. Between the jacket and the spiral core a robust, woven fiberglass braid and mesh tape is applied to improve terminal pull-off resistance.IgnitionCable

Often the major concern with plug wires is reflected in the extent of deterioration of their cores. Significantly, AFIS not only tests every ignition wire set but also engages in endurance testing to ensure peak performance is maintained over prolonged periods. Prices of AFIS ignition wire sets start at $49.95.


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