Written by Moore Good Ink

Since 1987 Ram Clutches’ Pat Norcia has spent virtually every racing weekend studying track conditions-here determining optimum launch rpm and clutch counterweights. “When you go racing you gather a lot of valuable information, mostly advancing your understanding as to what makes the car work better. When our customers address us with a problem I can often resolve it because I’ve already experienced it. If I didn’t go to the races and instead stayed here at the office designing new things, the organization at the shop would be very efficient, but eventually we would experience part failures-racers would exceed the capabilities of our present designs. But when you are racing constantly you can see how things evolve. Why all of a sudden, for example, might a successful five-year-old design fail? Well, it might need to be improved because the car is now pulling a taller gear or it’s making more horsepower or maybe the part is old-or perhaps its lifecycle is shorter than previously thought. It’s this experience that has kept us ahead in the auto racing and aftermarket clutch business.”

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