Wilwood Engineering’s New Tru-Bar Balance Bar Pedal System

Wilwood Engineering’s New Tru-Bar Balance Bar Pedal System

Camarillo, California: Wilwood’s Tru-Bar brake balance-bar system is now available in the eight popular pedal styles used in virtually all types of competition applications.

Tru-Bar pedals use a fixed-trunnion bearing in the pedal arm with spherical rod-end bearing pushrod attachments. They provide ultimate precision, control and adjustment of the brake bias on race vehicles.

The new Tru-Bar pedals adopt the same chassis and master cylinder mounting arrangement as all Wilwood balance-bar-style pedals. A stronger and larger diameter 7/16-20 bar provides quicker adjustment and features a shouldered 3/8” diameter end to attach the standard remote adjuster cable for further proficiency.

M.S.R.P. starts at $328.31.

For more information contact Wilwood Engineering at info@wilwood.com

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