Basic installation rules from TorqStorm

Basic installation rules from TorqStorm

By Alfie Bilk:

Basic forced-induction guidelines (6-10psi boost range) for carbureted systems

  1. Forged pistons preferred for all boosted applications
  2. Cast or Hypereutectic pistons may be used below 500hp and low-boost applications
  3. Compression ratios of 9:1 to 9:5.1 ideal for boost levels of 6-8 psi on 91-93 octane pump gas
  4. Lobe separation of 112 to 116 degrees, split pattern works best
  5. Fuel pump requirements for carbureted systems must be capable of supplying proper amount of fuel at maximum operating pressure. To obtain maximum fuel pressure required under boost, add idle fuel pressure to maximum boost pressure. (If your idle setting is 8psi and your maximum boost is 8psi your maximum fuel pressure required is 16psi)
  6. Use a blow-through carburetor. TorqStorm offers Holley Mighty Demon carburetors specifically prepared by the factory for blow-through purposes. Available in the following cfm ratings:

650 CFM Part number 5282020BT
750 CFM Part number 5402020BT
850 CFM Part number 5563020BT

  1. Must use carbureted boost-reference fuel pressure regulator with a 1:1 rise ratio
  2. Headers recommended for maximum performance
  3. Will work with single or dual-plane intake manifolds, (more torque generated by dual-plane designs)
  4. Ignition control recommended with adjustable boost-timing retard to prevent detonation. (MSD BTM part number 6462)


Information furnished by Torqstorm® Billet Superchargers

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Grand Rapids, MI 49548
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  1. Would like more information and pricing on the supercharger if you could send me a catalog or brochure.

  2. What do you recommend for GPM? I see psi specs but no flow specs for fuel pump, which is important. I am running a SBC 383 stroker with Eldelbrock E-Tech heads, Howards cam specified for forced induction at .590″ lift and large primary Sanderson headers, topped off with a Barry Grant Demon 750 blow-through carb.

    • William, fuel pumps are usually rated in gallons-per-hour not gallons-per-minute (unless you’re associated with a Top Fuel dragster team). So, you probably require a pump that flows 40 to 60 gph. But the psi specs are also important. Here is what TorqStorm’s Chris Beardsley says: “I have seen pumps that will produce adequate flow but not sustain sufficient pressure. You need 7psi to run the carburetor plus the appropriate amount of boost. If, let’s say, you have 8psi of boost it follows, therefore, you need the pump to generate 15psi. But I’ve seen pumps that are rated at 15psi that barely make 12psi. So get a pump bigger than you need. If you need 15psi, select a pump that is rated for 18psi or, better still, 20psi.”

  3. Would you please send me a brochure, or any other information not found on your website, on your supercharger for a 2010 Challenger with a 6.1 engine?


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