Artful Dodgers: How crafty racers succeed

By Alfie Bilk:   “I once saw a nitrous oxide system concealed within a brake booster,” says Nitrous Supply’s Mike Thermos. “The illicit charge was transmitted by way of the vacuum line and into the intake manifold. Another bamboozle I recall prevailed by... read more

Measuring the piston crown

By Titus Bloom: The most valuable currency of the race piston maker and also of the race engine builder is his reputation. Daily, they work around potentially destructive forces and know well the fine line between an engineering triumph and disaster. Piston-crown... read more

Androwick Returns to NHRA Pro Stock

For 2016, the NHRA introduced drastic changes to the Pro Stock racing class. Teams discarded their carburetors and hood scoops, replacing them with mandated cowl induction and fuel injection electronic control units. Years of development knowledge was abandoned as... read more

Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated

Never trust an unbiased printer. By Martha Maglone We read with dismay a report in the latest issue of Drag Racing Scene announcing the passing of Dave McClelland. How could this be? Dave was in fine fettle a few evenings ago when we last spoke, and a man in better... read more

Blower Basics: What you need to know about supercharging.

The most direct means to enhance engine performance is to introduce more mixture into the cylinders–and supercharging is the most effective way. Forcing fuel and air into the cylinders with a pump or supercharger increases the volumetric efficiency dramatically, by as... read more

Welcome to ididit’s Car Show & Open House

The 2016 ididit Car Show & Open House will be held on Saturday, October 1st and it’s gonna be big! Pre-register by September 23rd or register the day of the show (registration closes at noon.) Ididit will have loads in store this year to help celebrate their... read more

Crown Jewels for SB Fords:

Premium Hemi heads with Boss-style valve covers and Jesel rocker system for small-block Fords. Hemispherical-style combustion chambers have earned a formidable reputation for power generation. How did this come about? The Hemi head broke fresh ground in several areas,... read more

Art Chrisman

By Fergus Ogilvy:   Henry Arthur Chrisman died on July 12, 2016 at the age of 86. He was a driver, fabricator, race engine builder and pioneer in post World War II speed tests and drag racing. Based at Chrisman and Sons garage in Compton, California, and working... read more
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