New Digital HP CD Ignition System

PerTronix, the California-based exhaust and ignition specialist recently introduced a new CD ignition system. Fifty-state emissions-legal it’s called the Digital HP. Smallness and greater spark energy are two of its advances. So are 3-step rev limits and price.... read more

New dates: ididit’s car show & open house

The ididit Car Show & Open House, set at the company’s facility in the Michigan Great Lakes Region, is changing dates seeking better weather. Michigan weather isn’t always as consistent as the quality of vehicles on display, according to the company. Originally... read more

Edelbrock High Performance Fuel Pumps

Edelbrock Universal Micro Electric Fuel Pumps deliver maximum performance in a compact package. They feature a durable simple design that reduces the chance of vapor lock and flooding. In addition, they are easy to install and they operate quietly so you won’t... read more

Carbon fiber driveshafts

Setting the template for the foreseeable future? By Bertie S. Brown: Lighter and stronger than conventional driveshafts, the unorthodox carbon fiber units fulfill an even more important role: they are at the heart of traction, attempting to deter any disruption of the... read more

New circle track blocks and useful deck-height guides

By Archie Bosman: Over the years most of us have toyed with the notion of acquiring a desirable engine or two and sometimes, foolishly, we’ve asked the question, “Which one would you recommend?” Of course the inevitable answer comes: “It depends on what you’re trying... read more
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