Crown Jewels for SB Fords

Crown Jewels for SB Fords

MagCoverHemispherical-style combustion chambers have earned a formidable reputation for power generation. The Hemi head broke fresh ground in several areas, including skillfully uniting superior air flow with larger valves.

Now, a new company, Hammerhead Performance Engines, headed by Greg Brown, is producing unique Hemi heads for the small-block Ford. With an emphasis on completeness, the innovative head kits include cast aluminum Hemi-style valve covers, Jesel 1.7:1 ratio rockers complete with rocker stand system and all the necessary valve and spring assemblies as well as gaskets.

Read the full story here, compliments of Street Fords Magazine.


  1. I’m looking for a Ford small block with your hemi heads. I’m building an all-out 1967 Mustang and would like the 427 or larger version with as much power as possible with carbs or injection.
    I have an injected 540ci big-block Arais motor for a Chevelle in the 900+ hp range. I’m really interested on what you have for my Mustang.

    • Mel, when you get a moment, call the shop (678) 570-0874 and we can discuss what you’re looking for. There are many options that I can fill you in on. Thanks, Greg


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